Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Drive in the Woods

Lyle and Linda drove through the dark woods of Arkansas with the radio blasting the surrounding silence. They drove, hand in hand together, singing along with Alabama at the top of their lungs, enjoying the freedom, the release, from their normal every day world.

Lyle had met Linda at a church social. Lyle was the son of Rev. and Mrs. Moore, and Linda was from the new family in town, the Alders. She was beautiful, with long blond hair and big blue eyes. The dress she wore that day was plain, but he still took special notice of her small breasts, tiny waist, slender hips, and long beautiful legs.

They had dated for two years, and had remained strong in their desire to remain virgins until their wedding night, after college. After finishing High School, they had gone to their parents with their plan to see the world, to take a summer road trip through the South to Florida, then up to New York City, then to Chicago and Yellowstone Park, before returning home.

Lyle looked over at Linda’s legs, revealed as her skirt had ridden up while she danced in her seat. Long, pale, and voluptuous, with the slight sheen of her cream-colored stockings. His hard-on came up suddenly and fiercely, and he inwardly cursed their vow, that would keep him from getting between those legs for another two or even four years.

Certainly they had kissed, hours and hours were spent in that way, but aside from touching her bottom while dancing, or the occasional cupping of a breast while making out, he hadn’t really done anything at all. His one remembered joy was the night of graduation, when Linda had rubbed his hard dick through his pants as they made out, making him erupt all over the inside of his shorts. Other than that, Lyle had only felt relief by his own hand, and that was hardly possible right now, was it?

Lyle took Linda’s hand and brought it over to rest on the hardness in his lap. She stopped singing, and looked at him in embarrassment and confusion.

“Hike up your skirt a bit more,” Lyle said, breathing heavily. To his astonishment, she did. She wiggled her bottom in the seat and brought the material of her skirt up so high he swore he could almost see the Promised Land. His eyes crept up from her shoes, heels with straps over the top, to her stockinged legs, to her upper thighs, where the stockings ended and the white garter belt straps began and went up under her skirt.

“Oooooey,” he yelped, “Those are the finest legs that have ever walked this world!” And Linda blushed, looking down. Her hand went back to the hard lump in his lap and began to stroke across it, as Lyle’s hands tightened on the wheel.

“Mmmmmmm, Honey,” Lyle moaned. “Do you ever touch yourself like you’re doin’ to me?” Linda blushed furiously. “I- have,” she stammered quietly.

Lyle’s dick jumped when he heard that. “Why don’t you do it now, so’s we can both enjoy our drive.”

Linda slid her skirt up a little higher and Lyle saw the white cotton of her panties. She slipped her right hand into the waistband, and settled back into the seat, her feet pressed against the floor of the car under the dashboard. Lyle smelled a sweet, sweet scent that he had never smelled before, and it made him hotter than he had ever been before.

The intense feeling of her rubbing had his legs jumping, kicking at the accelerator. At the first opportunity, he pulled off onto the side of the wooded road and parked. He leaned over and kissed her, with a passion that had hardly ever matched before, and he put his hand on top of hers, feeling her fingers move through the soft cotton.

She pulled her hand from her panties and put it on the side of his face to kiss him harder, leaving his hand cupping the Promised Land with only cotton between his flesh and hers. The wetness of her panties, and the intense heat from beneath them spurred him on. The smell on her hand drove him wild, and he pressed and searched with his fingers against the wet cotton of her panties. As their kiss broke, Linda pressed her hot forehead against his cool lips.

“Stop, Lover, please stop,” she moaned softly, but her hips pressed her pussy hard against his fumbling hand. Her own stroking had grown more forceful as well, and the car was filled with his moans. “We have to stop, Lyle,” she said more forcefully and stopped rubbing. But Lyle didn’t want to hear it,

“Look, Linda,” he breathed, “the big boy down there is all primed, and it hurts! You didn’t know that, did you? If it can’t finish it’s job, the pain grows and grows until I won’ I be able to stand it!”

“Oh, Baby,” Linda cried, obviously concerned, “what can do to make it better?”

Lyle reached down and pulled the lever next to his seat and leaned back until he was almost lying down. “Take it out of my pants,” he moaned.

Linda fumbled with his belt, then his pants. When she had them open, she took hold of the waistband of his shorts and pulled down, and jumped when the rigid member stood out straight. It was long and red, and the knob on the end was almost purple and slick with something. Veins stood out along its length, and there was a sticky, tangled mess of black hair where the shaft met his body. She put her hand around it, feeling the strong pulse jolting through it, and Lyle gasped.

Linda figured it to be at least eight inches long, maybe more, and it was as big around as her shampoo bottle, something Linda realized it resembled more than a little. She stroked her hand up the shaft to the knob, and got her hand coated in the slime there. God knows what He’s doing she thought, as she stroked back down, sliding easily because of the lubrication. As Lyle moaned and groaned, Linda ran her hand up and down the shaft, holding tightly, but stroking slowly.

She saw a large bead of slime form on the end of the knob, and using her free hand she rubbed it into the knob, taking note when that made Lyle yelp and jump in pleasure. Then, making sure his eyes were closed, she brought her hand to her lips and tasted the goo. Salty, and sticky, but something she could get used to. Then, remembering tales told in the late-night hours of a slumber party, Linda boldly leaned down and took the knob into her mouth and sucked softly.

“Jesus Christ!” Lyle yelled, and his fingers tangled in her hair. Linda sucked on the knob delicately, and swirled her tongue around it. After being told so for all of her life, she didn’t see anything bad about this at all. Nope, she thought, not at all.

Emboldened by her new sense of power and adventure, Linda began to suck more of the shaft into her mouth, then creating suction, drawing slowly back off of it and listening with pure, rapturous glee to Lyle’s passionate cries.

Then Lyle, fingers still tangled in Linda’s long hair, pulled her up and off his throbbing member and dragged her up and onto him. She lay on top of him and they kissed, deeply and with more passion than she had ever felt before. She could feel the heat and the throbbing of him against her belly through the cotton of her blouse. Lyle’s hands were under her skirt, clamped tightly on her behind, his fingers kneading her soft flesh like her’s would a lump of bread dough.

Lyle slipped one hand around to the front, and grabbing her panties by the crotch, he pulled them aside and she felt the flesh of his hand on her pussy for the very first time. Still kissing, her hands roamed over his chest, his arms and his sides. She knew love for this man, and wanted his pleasure to be complete.

Linda drew to her knees, and positioned her aching pussy over his dick. As she pressed against the knob of his dick, Lyle took it in his hand and tried to move it to better get into her. But while he was successful in parting the lips of her slick pussy, he missed the entrance and dragged the head up the center, where it ran into the tender little nub of her clitoris. She screamed in pleasure and pressed harder against him, and smart boy that he was, Lyle ran his dick into it again and again, his left hand grasping his dick, his right searching for enough breast to hold onto.

Linda screamed a line of curses that Lyle hadn’t thought possible from her as she bucked her hips, slamming her engorged clit against his cock. But as she bucked harder and harder, and as Lyle stroked his cock beck and forth, it seemed like lightning struck.

They both froze, breathing hard, Linda staring down into Lyle’s eyes, and he into hers. In their thrashing, Lyle’s cock had found the tight entrance to Linda’s pussy, and was now buried there, by at least two inches. Lyle’s hands flew to Linda’s hips, to steady her. Linda clawed at Lyle’s shoulders, then arms, seeking leverage so she could ease herself off of him. She sat bolt upright and tried to move, but each motion felt like she was drawing him deeper. Lyle’s eyes were glassy.

“Lord Almighty,” Lyle moaned, “I never imagined Heaven could feel as good as what you’re doin’ to me down there.” But Linda was of a different opinion. She felt like a stuck pig, and while she could feel her own vagina working against her, grabbing and pulling on his dick, all Linda wanted was this thing out of her. It hurt, plain and simple.

“Listen here,” Linda growled, “You’re gonna help me up offa you right now!” When she got no real reaction, she continued. “Lyle, baby, this hurts! You’re so big, and I’m a little thing! Help me off now, please, Baby?” Lyle moved a little as if to help, but he bumped her legs and applied just a little more pressure to her hips than before, and Linda wailed like a cat in heat as she slid down the entire length of his cock, coming to rest when he was fully inside.

Trying to keep still, but at the same time enjoying the pleasure of movement, even through the pain, Linda howled and wailed and pounded her fists against Lyle’s chest. Linda tried to pull up and off, but half way up she lost her balance and slid back down a bit, sending them both a jolt of pleasure. Linda began to realize that this was feeling better than it had a minute ago, or at least, the pain of being stretched around him was easing a bit, while the pleasure from the motion was definitely intensifying.

Linda sat bolt upright, looked deeply into Lyle’s wild eyes, and nodded slightly. With that permission, Lyle pulled Linda down by her hips, planting himself firmly inside her. She leaned down and kissed him fiercely, and their hips began to twitch, sending waves of pleasure through them.

After a few minutes, Linda began to play with pulling off of him again, then sliding slowly back down, taking his cock inside her once more. With each long slow stroke, Linda felt an ache building inside her, an ache that promised to become a rapturous pleasure. And through gritted teeth, Lyle groaned and begged, and he began to push into more urgently.

Lyle’s strong hands held Linda’s waist like a vise, and he began to lift her and pull her back down with more speed, and more force. Soon, Linda’s cries came like panting, short shrill cries of pleasure and pain commingled and spaced a second or two apart, as each of Lyle’s powerful thrusts slammed home. Again and again, he plunged his dick into her, his ego puffing up each time he heard her cry out in pleasure. The car shook and rocked with their motion, and the creaking springs added their part to the noise of them panting, Linda crying out, and sucking and slurping noise as he slid in and out of her. Before long, the sound of their flesh slapping together added another rhythmic sound.

Then Lyle knew something was wrong, very wrong. Linda’s body became totally stiff and unyielding, and her pussy clamped down on his dick so hard he was afraid she could break it. Then a stream of invectives, cursing like neither of them had ever heard before in one place or from one person (even on cable TV!), began to pour from Linda’s perfect little mouth. Her head thrashed from side to side as she screamed the foulest language Lyle had ever heard. He was in fact, becoming quite embarrassed. But when Lyle felt her pussy begin to grab and suck at his dick, and an unmistakable feeling of wetness began where their bodies met, a wetness that poured from between them and pooled between his legs on the seat, Lyle knew this was as it should be. As Linda thrashed and screamed, Lyle felt his own body tense, and a pain like being kicked full on in the balls grabbed him. With a scream of his own to match Linda’s, Lyle felt something exploding from within him, rushing up through his dick and exploding once again out the end of his dick. He grabbed Linda firmly and held her tightly against him, and they both cried out with each burst of his ejaculation.

The pain of their orgasms ebbed slowly into euphoria, and Linda sank slowly down to lay on Lyle’s sweat-soaked chest. They could feel him softening, slowly slipping down her pussy canal no matter how hard that sweet organ grabbed and tried to hold him. With a final, imagined “pop”, his soft dick fell away from her, accompanied by a gush, then another, and one more, as their combined fluids poured from her to pool on the seat. They lay there for a while panting, cuddling, glowing with their first real orgasms. And they kissed passionately, but slowly - lovingly.

Linda climbed off of Lyle and returned to her seat, smoothing her skirt and for some reason wishing she smoked. She kicked off her shoes and scrunched her toes against the floor of the car. Lyle for his part, slid his dick back into his sopping wet shorts and closed his pants. He brought the seat upright and started the car. They drove down the lane in silence, holding hands and leaning close together, enjoying the afterglow of their blessed union, and even the heat and smell of their passion. Linda took a certain womanly pleasure as she felt their union leaking from her into her panties.

Yes, this was going to be one heck of a road trip, Lyle thought distractedly. Lord knows the first night had gone well so far.